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Inspired by the simple gesture of folding a sheet of paper

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Pleats, the aesthetic evolution of video door phone

Audio/video internal unit hands-free or handset

A sophisticated and minimalist style for the innovative indoor video door phone, suitable for any environment and furnishing style. Black or white, Pleats is a pure design object, intuitive to use and with timeless charm.


Z4010.40 / Z4010

Pleats hands-free

Thanks to its exclusive design, unique hardware features, such as the use of a double microphone for absolute audio quality, and the high-quality finishes of the materials, the Pleats video door phone is ideal for any environment.

The quality of the 4.3” colour display and of the capacitive, programmable feature buttons with presence detection, are just some of the features that make it truly unique.

With its compact dimensions and minimum thickness, it can be installed even in small spaces.

Product Detail
Pleats hands-free


Z4000.40 / Z4000

Pleats handset

The traditional video door phone with handset reinterpreted in a unique style. A sophisticated and functional design that allows for space-saving installation, thanks to the design of the handset, which is small in size in order to be easy to handle.

Thanks to the DSP stereo class-D CODEC, background noise is cancelled and, thanks to the presence sensor, the icons and video light up automatically, ensuring excellent visibility in any lighting condition.

As in the hands-free version, Pleats is equipped with an ARM Cortex - TM -A8 Core 1 Ghz processor for fast and powerful operation.

Product Detail
Pleats handset


An idea turned into design

Performance and sophisticated aesthetics for a one-of-a-kind video door entry phone.

The aesthetics of shape are combined with practicality and functionality for an unbelievable result: redesigning a classic object such as a video door phone in an innovative way. PLEATS is shape and substance, design and innovation.



The excellence of italian design

A simple and intuitive creation by Milan-based designer Isabella Lovero becomes an example of pure Italian design, resulting in an innovative and exclusive video door phone. Clean lines, accurate details and horizontal dynamics for a furnishing object that stands out for its excellent features and extreme ease of use.


The benefits of Pleats and of InfinitePlay system

What can you do with an internal unit like PLEATS?

Design is combined with ease of use for a complete video door entry system!

Find out all the benefits of InfinitePlay system!


Two models, infinite possibilities

Choose your version of pleats

Video door phone with handset or hands-free video door phone


Technical features

Double microphone to cancel background noise and to offer unprecedented sound quality, backlighting controlled by a proximity sensor and PoE power supply via network cable. Discover all the main features of Pleats.



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Z4010 / Z401A

Hands-free audio/video internal unit
surface mount with 4.3 "display
and backlit capacitive buttons.

Power Supply
PoE - 12V - 24V
140 x 155 x 22 mm
4,3” LCD TFT


Product Detail

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