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Z9400 | Software switchboard for PC


All InfinitePlay functions can be managed by a reception service using PC software with a simple graphic interface. The software is also available for LCD touch-screen monitors.

The following is a list of the main functions the reception service can fulfil:

Lobby- control/Reception, for receiving calls from entrance panels and transferring them to the relevant users, opening doors and monitoring the entire building complex from a dedicated terminal (appointments, alarms, visitor movements, logs, etc.).

Management Office, for managing internal user relations, and calling or messaging users to provide important news for the building complex (e.g. planned interruptions to utility supplies, gate maintenance work, etc.). Messages can include jpg or pdf attachments.

Guard office, for ensuring the internal security of the entire building complex. This function lets you monitor images captured by all the video cameras connected to the system and manage areas like swimming pools, crèches and shops.

InfinitePlay incorporates a Messaging system that permits written communication (even with jpg or pdf file attachments) between internal users or between users and the reception service. A message log is saved on each device.

For more complex systems, especially those in high-rise buildings like skyscrapers, InfinitePlay also provides an interface for controlling lift movements. The system allows incoming visitors to find a lift at ground level and find one waiting for them at their floor when they leave.

The NEXT 7” video door phone monitor can also send panic alarm messages to the reception service to call medical assistance immediately.

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