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InfinitePlay updates

Software 5 Release, new opportunities and performance

6 February 2019

Our aptitude for evolution and a wish to simplify our customers’ lives leads us to continuously develop and improve our products. We begin 2019 with version 5 of our software, which will provide our products with great opportunities for awesome performance.


Internal monitors with infinite opportunities! What’s new?

Android 8 operating system
Available on 7” and 10” NEXT monitors, the use of the Android 8 operating system brings us the opportunity to open up our system to a host of third party Apps. These include integration with a security system, apps for domotics, use of external cameras, weather and many other compatible applications, with direct management from a monitor or remote control.

Local monitor output programming
Thanks to a new software release, the monitor relay (Next and Pleats) can be programmed and used as output for other functions.  It will no longer be forcibly used only for repeating ringtones, but can also serve as a local prompt (e.g. for switching on staircase lights).

Ringtone redeployment
Repetition is no longer linked to just one monitor, but can be programmed on other devices, such as extra monitors or distributors. This makes it possible to create a functional system also for large, multi-storey structures, or where sounds are difficult to perceive, such as production workshops or industrial sheds.

Full volume audio
A new power boost to amplify the volume of the ringtone. It will be possible to adjust ringtone volume for maximum comfort and efficiency in any home or commercial building, even where the monitor is installed in an isolated area or at a distance from places with heavy traffic.


External panels: a real communications instrument. What’s new?

Camera integration
The video flow on the monitor may come from every IP camera connected to the system. In certain situations the position of the panel does not provide optimum vision of visitors due to the structure it is attached to.  With our new software the video flow can come from an RTSP camera connected to the system, ensuring perfect vision, maximum security and flexibility of use.

Ten-button interface
With the new software upgrade we have provided the possibility to insert up to ten utilities on the same screen, without the need to scroll. The previous interface, which involved up to four utilities, has been optimised so that our panels are also ideal in residential or business contexts.  Our panel is extremely useful in many ambiences, due to its usable and intuitive interface and range of communication possibilities.

Simplified numeric keypad interface
Our numeric keypad has also undergone thorough restyling. We have paid particular attention to providing easy, immediate use, optimizing the numeric interface keypad during calls, to simplify use when calling a specific internal number, or for opening access with a code.

Text messages
The possibility to configure texts on the panel has been extended in order to ensure perfect communication with visitors. Thanks to the new software, an alternative text can also be digited, customising visitor acceptance and providing useful information.  


Incredible, isn’t it?  Now it’s up to you to discover all the innovative characteristics of our internal monitors and external panels.

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