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Internal video door phones: new excellent acoustic performances

21 June 2019

Innovation, collaboration, search for new ideas and ever greater ispirations.

These are just some of the elements that characterize our continuous search for new solutions.
Here at InfinitePlay we never stop, we want to try to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and that’s why we are always careful to capture the needs of the market and seize its opportunities.

Continuous improvement is one of the main objectives behind our activities that pushes us more and more to add new features to our products in order to enrich them and make them more efficient and useful to simplify our customers’ lives.

With the release of version 5 of our software many pluses and innovations have been introduced to the InfinitePlay products, one of these is linked to our internal stations.
We have implemented a new power boost that has allowed us to amplify the ringtone level of our internal video door phones and also have a clearly superior sound quality.

The result? The InfinitePlay internal stations have been incredibly enhanced at the audio level, guaranteeing new and excellent performances.
The increase in sound power has been included in both types of our internal monitors that once again prove to be a pure concentrate of innovation and design:

-On our technological monitors Next 7’’ and Next 10’’ (in their wall mounted version) we have included an option that allows you to have an increase in the volume of the ringtone, resulting in this way very high. Impossible not to hear a visitor calling at your entrance.

- Wanting to respond to the needs of all our customers, we decided to enhance the sound and therefore improve its performance even on our more traditional Pleats video door phones, through the possibility of inserting very loud ringtones.

We're not just talking about a simple increase in sound but a real enhancement of acoustic performances thanks to a general optimization of the audio management on our devices.
Another new and substantial improvement is the possibility to configure parameter settings for the echo canceller calibration on our external units. This is the system that allows you not to hear the echo of your voice while speaking via an internal station, now there is in fact the possibility to calibrate it on the InfinitePlay external units, ensuring a clear and dinstinct audio.

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