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InfinitePlay App: new push notification service

18 May 2020

As it is already well known through the InfinitePlay App you can stay in contact with your home or office at all times, wherever you are! In this way you can take advantage of all the functions of your smart video door phone (remote answering, door management, building monitoring and many others) through a device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Your device then turns into an extension of your video door entry system and you can then take advantage of all its features as if you were in front of the indoor station.

From now on the possibility of answering the video door entry unit is even more comfortable! Why? We have finally implemented an important new features of the InfinitePlay system: push notifications.
This new service allows to reactivate the mobile app upon receiving the call in all Android and iOS devices that are connected to the internet. What does it mean?

Greater comfort and energy saving! It is no longer necessary to keep the InfinitePlay app active on your device (which involves battery consumption): when a call comes in, the app automatically reactivates and warns you via push notification.

It is important to underline that the use of the VPN is still preserved. When activated, the app always uses the VPN to connect and in this way the degree of security is maintained.

Here at InfinitePlay we are constantly looking for new features to add to our products in order to make them more and more performing, so as to guarantee users an even more pleasant experience with our video door entry systems. We are glad to have been able to satisfy the requests of many customers by activating this new service!

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