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Next monitor: New Kiosk mode

15 July 2019

We are always looking for new attributes for our InfinitePlay products. Our continuous study aims to implement new features that make our devices more and more technological and useful to our customers.

In this regard, we have introduced an interesting new feature in our innovative Next monitors. We have created the easy and practical KIOSK mode which considerably expands the contexts and the possibilities of use of our modern internal unit.

How does it work? Now our Next monitors can be used in public places with the security and guarantee of being protected from potential unwanted access.

We have implemented specific widgets that allow the public a limited used of the device, in this way the public has access just to some preset functions.

A concrete example is represented by the possibility of using call buttons on Next monitors while the rest of their features and combinations remain inaccessible and are password protected. It is also now possibile to have a keypad accessible from the monitor to activate certain outputs, such as a keypad that acts as a door opener or activates any other command that may be necessary.

Here are some application contexts where the new Kiosk mode can be very useful:

- In a nursing home the installation of Next monitors with Kiosk mode in strategic places (eg in corridors) can be of great help: by activating call buttons it is possible to call nurses or assistants and communicate with them instantly.

- In parking areas, having call buttons available on the monitor is very efficient. If, for example, the user needs assistance, he can communicate with the parking manager more immediately and intuitively, solving possible problems in less time.

- Thanks to this new feature it is now possible to install a 10" Next Monitor with 12 utilities instead of an external unit (in a place protected from atmospheric agents). In this way we can take advantage of the large and modern touch display, creating a large number of call buttons.

These are just some of the possible contexts where the Next Monitors with their new Kiosk mode prove to be really effective, but we are sure that the areas of application are multiple. We are proud of this innovation that has been able to respond to the needs of many of our customers.

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