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Cameras integration: The IP system is even more flexible

28 May 2019

Version 5 of our software has brought great benefits to our products, ensuring truly remarkable performance. We have introduced new features to the InfintePlay external entrance panels, one of these is the possibility of cameras integration.In this way we wanted to make our customers' experience with the InfinitePlay system even more comfortable and safe.

Multiple external displays, a single internal camera

Thanks to the continuous development and improvement of our system we are now able to carry out highly customized projects. Multiple external displays can be installed in a single entrance but they can all benefit and use the same one internal camera for the access monitoring. The result? Multiple external stations joined in a unique solution that allows the insertion of many touch buttons.

Integrating the IP system with additional external cameras

There is also the possibility of integrating the camera of the external unit with additional external video surveillance camerasThis innovation was implemented by listening to the needs of our customers. In fact, it may happen that the location of the external unit can prevent the internal camera from providing a sufficiently wide view of the guest and the surrounding environment. Security cameras are also very helpful when there are constraints for the installation of the external unit, which limit its view from the integrated video camera. A concrete example is the installation of an external unit on a very low entrance wall which consequently limits the view of the internal camera.  In other cases, instead, we suggested this specific solution because we were asked to have a vision of the entire entrance from an alternative point of view.

Integration of external cameras: benefits and functioning

The camera must be IP and must display the RTSP string that will be programmed as an alternative to the video stream of the internal camera of the external unit. In this way the video stream can come from any IP camera connected to the system.

Thanks to this integration we can guarantee:

-Perfect vision, which is no longer constrained by the location of external plate

-Maximum security, with a clear access monitoring

-Flexibility of use, the user is free to install cameras in all the points he wants to keep under control

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