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Home automation

Innovative products and technologies that meet all the needs in the field of home automation control: from the wired solution ideal for new buildings, to immediate and cost-effective wireless solutions.


Wired Wireless

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Wired home automation

Systems for complete structures, for any functionality

Home automation solutions that represent the highest evolution for a home control safety system. A single terminal, a single graphic interface able to control all comfort systems, safety and energy saving.
It offers the possibility to connect an unlimited number of terminals, from which it is possible to access all the functions of the areas.

All home automation devices connected to the house can be managed remotely through mobile devices (by using iOS and Android apps) and PC, via internet. You will be allowed to check your domestic environment, set up scenarios and manage utilities.


Home automation

From a single terminal you have access to all home automation: from the lighting system to the Home Theater, from irrigation to load control, from the anti-intrusion system to remote supervision, from shutters control to climate regulation.


Building automation

Building Automation Systems are electronic command and control systems for buildings that allow you to intervene on the automation of electrical and thermotechnical systems, on the management of solar shading and on the energy monitoring of the building.

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Wireless home automation

Systems for existing infrastructures, for immediate solutions

Rapid installation and flexibility when planning new and existing systems. A wireless system dramatically reduces the wiring and ensures reliability of control thanks to the powerful signal filtered with ISM technology that gives increased wall penetration.
The controllers enable wired control to be retained along with radio control, interfacing with buttons and switches on the wall.

Enormous opportunities for control with portable radio controls, web interface for smartphones, tablets and PCs, recessed micromodules to turn the wired buttons on the wall into radio controls. The easy integration of the wireless modules with the existing system means fast stand-alone solutions can be created as well as more complex installations with dozens of devices.

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Radio controls

Design and multi-functionality

foto Touch commands preview

Touch commands

Wall and table control

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Wireless Modules

To transform wired buttons
into radio control

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Automatic control
with motion and brightness sensors

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The benefits of InfiniteDome systems

Why it is better to have a home automation system

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