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The InfinitePlay video door entry system kit is designed to manage numerous external entrance panels and internal units with a single SIP server, making it the optimal solution when designing a video door entry system for two-family residences, terraced houses or residences.

The design of the InfinitePlay video door entry systems makes them suitable for any architectural project.

The ease of use and the infinite interaction capabilities with security and home automation systems make them the ideal products for multi-family residences.

Find out how the InfinitePlay video door entry system for two-family residences works.

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The system <span class='color-magenta'>Two-family residence</span>

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Multifunction distribution system that combines in a single device the functions of SIP server, PoE power supply, switch to connect up to 4 devices, WAN port for remote system management, door lock release and auxiliary contacts.

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The benefits of the InfinitePlay system

Why it is better to have the InfinitePlay system

See what you can do with the InfinitePlay video door entry system!

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