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IP Technology

The future of video door entry system
and home automation.

How does the IP video door entry system work?

We have combined the functionality of IP technology, the convenience of home automation and the simplicity of the Internet of Things in an integrated and smart system.

IP technology becomes the core of our video door entry system integrated with home automation: by interconnecting an external unit, an internal unit and an IP control unit, an IP video door entry system can be set up, which can communicate with the external environment, thus increasing opportunities for remote access management via smartphone or tablet.


Easy-to-use IP technology

The installation of the InfinitePlay home automation video door entry system is intuitive and immediate thanks to the self-recognition procedures of the devices.

The system is easy-to-use, through internal monitors, thanks to an Android-based interface. The innovation of InfinitePlay technology ensures easy communication not only with InfinitePlay devices but also with all other home automation devices and systems in the building.


Key word: flexibility

IP technology allows for the implementation of scalable systems of different sizes that can be modified at any time. Individual houses, residential buildings - even very large ones - executive offices, multi-location businesses and large industrial complexes. Each system will be designed according to the needs of the facility where it will be installed, with the option of interconnecting an unlimited number of devices (internal and external) at unlimited distances.

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Environments and usage

InfinitePlay: One system, many applications

Our IP video door entry system is flexible and can be adapted to various residential applications: from individual villas to two-family residences and apartment blocks. The system is also perfectly suited to different contexts in the business/commercial field: offices, companies with one or more offices and large complexes.

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